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Indonesia Disaster Recovery | Disaster Relief | 501c3 Organization

Disaster recovery and disaster relief during Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and earthquakes in Asia, led to 501c3 filing of Ends of the Earth Ministries.  Inspired by The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Samaritans Purse...

Indonesia Disaster Relief & Recovery

Our team responded immediately with disaster relief and recovery in Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia. The earthquake was all it was reported to be. Devastation was horrendous and injuries numerous. The first thing we observed was the enormous lack of disaster relief. Many elderly were living on the bare ground, with sheet iron or tarps to protect them from the sun. There were very few provisions to alter the plight of those who were so needy

We told these three hundred families new shelters would be provided even though we had funds for only fifty. To Gods glory, eight weeks later, all the shelters were built and paid for, in full. We were blessed to provide food, clothing, shelter, dental and medical services, and even paying for a young girl to have a brain tumor removed. This is an example of how God provides when He moves us into areas to make His presence known.

We have prayed with many Muslims here and been able to explain why we came and how we believe it was where Jesus would have been if He were on earth today. God continues to move hearts within these villages.

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