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Philippines Disaster Recovery | Disaster Relief | 501c3 Organization

Disaster recovery and disaster relief during Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and earthquakes in Asia, led to 501c3 filing of Ends of the Earth Ministries.  Inspired by The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Samaritan?s Purse...

Philippines Disaster Relief & Recovery

We began our Asia disaster relief and recovery work in the Philippines by teaming up with several Filipino Christian doctors who had formed an organization called MARCH (Medical Action Relief for Counseling and Healing). This is a highly motivated group of Christian medical professionals, who travel into both metropolitan and suburban areas in the Philippine Islands, to provide dental and medial assistance and spiritual counseling. Through additional fund raising procedures, we have been able to conduct as many as five missions a year.

We always pray and share Jesus with all the patients who attend. Obviously many people begin studies and coming to Jesus as a result of these efforts to bring glory to God.

In February of 2006, there was a mudslide in the southern Philippines, where a village of thirteen hundred was buried in a matter of minutes. We initialized the first rehab project there to provide row housing. To date three hundred families have been given shelter and relief. Together with our Filipino partners, we continue to assist and share the news of Jesus Christ in this region.

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Disaster Recovery | Disaster Relief | 501c3 Organization