Sri Lanka Disaster Recovery | Disaster Relief | 501c3 Organization

Sri Lanka Disaster Recovery | Disaster Relief | 501c3 Organization

Disaster recovery and disaster relief during Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and earthquakes in Asia, led to 501c3 filing of Ends of the Earth Ministries.  Inspired by The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Samaritan?s Purse...

Sri Lanka Disaster Relief and Recovery

Our next major thrust was Sri Lanka. Within eleven days after the Tsunami, I arrived on the ground with a team of forty-two people. In addition to Christian teachers, there were thirty-five health care professionals- dentists, doctors, pharmacists, trauma counselors, and physical therapists. We were the first fully comprehensive group to organize and begin feeding and providing medical and emotional assistance to these devastated people. Here, too, we promised to build houses and help these people until their lives were headed toward some degree of normalcy.

An established ministry, ?Bread for a Hungry World,? provided seed money for the original phase of this work. Now several different groups have built about five hundred new homes. These groups worked in harmony to change the plight of these hurting people. Phase two in another area is now near completion with more than fifty homes. This village, named by the people, is called ?Samagama? which means peaceful village. Local Christians will attest, that until the tsunami, this area has never seen the love of Jesus displayed in such magnitude.


Tsunami Hits Sri Lanka
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